2018 October


24 Oct: Student Leadership Award Jackets

Throughout school, it’s important to provide students with leadership opportunities. It’s one thing for a student to join a club or a group (which is important as well), but it’s a whole other thing for them to take on a leadership role in those groups and clubs. When children and teenagers take on leadership roles they learn about real world life skills, and develop a sense of confidence…

discounted letterman

12 Oct: Buy Letterman Jackets Direct

When it comes to shopping, so many people are turning to the online marketplace. No, this isn’t just because it’s the new “trend” – it’s because it is a more convenient and practical way to shop. And when it comes to buying customized clothing like Letterman Jackets and High school apparel, the same remains true. Here are some of the top reasons to make shopping online your first choice…


01 Oct: Texas High School Letterman Football

Did you know that Texas is the high school football capital of the world?! That’s right – in the Lone Star State, high school football is more of a culture than it is a sport. In fact, on any given football night, you’re lucky if you see anyone strolling the streets of Texas towns – because they’re all at the high school football game! But what makes football so popular…