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About Us

Our Mission
LetterCustom® is committed to providing schools, organizations, and individuals the highest-quality affordable Varsity Letterman Jackets, Sweaters, & Award Apparel.  We’re focused on providing an outstanding customer experience and higher-quality products.  The LetterCustom® team offers over 30 years of combined industry experience.
OUR Values

LetterCustom understands that our customers have lots of options for customized varsity apparel.  We focus on providing our customers with amazing value through lean operating systems and direct-to-customer ordering.  By cutting out the middleman, sales personnel and other fluff, we can sell direct at more affordable prices and outstanding quality than the competition.


LetterCustom believes in clearly communicating our products and services to our valued customers.  We strive to provide accurate time-frames, clear product expectations, and amazing customer service!  We aim to continually foster long-term relationships with teams, families, schools, and organizations.


Product quality is key when creating lasting customer relationships!  At LetterCustom, we use select high-quality materials such as top grain genuine leather, thick wool, premium knit, quality ring-spun cotton, and long-lasting colorfast dyes.  Our expert sewing and designing team uses proven stitching techniques to create lasting garments and modern Tajima chenille/embroidery machines.

Team Contacts