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Have a favorite college team? Maybe it’s time to think about treating yourself to some college team fan apparel. If you have ever been to a major sporting event, you will see the seats filled with people wearing fan apparel. Dodger hats, Blue Jay shirts, Chicago bull jerseys – the list goes on and on. The point is, stadiums are full of people wearing gear that supports their favorite team. But many college league games are not much different. And if you are a fan, it’s time that you support your favorite team. And the best way to show your support is by rocking some college team fan apparel!

Why do people wear team fan apparel?

The main reason that people wear fan apparel is obvious – to support their favorite team. Fan apparel lets people know exactly who you are rooting for, and shows the team your support when they look out into the bleachers while on the field – a stadium full of people wearing your teams apparel can really boost team confidence during a game!

Other people wear jerseys, hats, or other customized apparel because they used to play for a certain team. Perhaps they wear their gear to show that they used to be part of the team, or maybe they wear it to show their continuing support to new members. Either way, college team fan apparel is often worn by graduated team members.

You might also see graduated team members wearing letterman jackets. Letterman jackets are often worn by high ranked members on a college team who have earned their “letters”. Letters come in the form of small sew-on patches that are most commonly worn on jackets (though they can be displayed in many other ways as well). These patches are given out to show that someone has been a valued member of the team, and has shown great accomplishment in the sport. The best thing about letterman jackets, of course, is that they never get old. College players can wear them well after graduating from the team, and can keep them as a keepsake well into their older years. You might even see some previous team members wearing them at a game to show their support for the new team.

Other people might just wear team fan apparel as a fashion statement. You will often see people who don’t watch sports at all bearing team gear just because it is so fashionable nowadays! It’s not uncommon to see people walking down the street wearing team gear even when there is no game on!

And finally, many people even dress up their babies and children in their favorite team gear. Of course, this is adorable, but many children actually love rocking sports team jerseys themselves. When young, many children look up to college sports players, and aspire to be just like them. Rocking their favorite team gear can make a child feel special, and give them goals to aspire to!

What are the different types of an Apparel?

Types of fan apparel are unlimited. Generally speaking, if you can wear it you can buy it. Sometimes the type of fan apparel that is popular is based on the type of sport you are attending. For example, at baseball games, it is most common to see t-shirts and baseball hats. But at basketball or hockey games, you’d probably be more like to see people rocking jerseys.

With that being said, you aren’t limited to what is “in fashion”. Team fan apparel comes in all shapes, styles, and fashions. Don’t like wearing hats? Get a fan sweater instead. Don’t like wearing t-shirts? Rock the team name on your sweatpants. Not a fan of jerseys? Get stylish in a team tank top. Other options include team socks, team hoodies, team jackets, and even team underwear (though we don’t recommend showing your support this way!). Aside from clothing, you can also show your support for teams with shoes, purses, bracelets and other jewelry, or belts!

Pre-made vs. custom Apparel

When it comes to college team fan apparel, you have two options – buy pre-made fan apparel, or create your own. Pre-made custom apparel is what you would find in local stores, and sometimes portions of the money go directly towards the team. The only downfall is that pre-made apparel limits you in what you could buy. If the only apparel the team sells are hats and jerseys, then that is what you are limited to. But with customized apparel, you can create anything you want!

In addition, when you buy customized apparel, you can have it custom fit to your body. Pre-made apparel generally only comes in 4 sizes – Small, Medium, Large, and Extra-large. But with custom made apparel, you can find the perfect fit.

How to size yourself for customized College Fan Team Apparel

When you buy your own custom apparel, you will need to size yourself. Some people already know how to do this, but most people need a little help. So here is a guide to size yourself for certain pieces of clothing:

Here are some common measurements you may need:

  • Your chest/bust measurement – This measures the fullest part of your chest. For a woman, it measures the breast area. Starting in the middle of the breasts, take a tape measure and wrap it all the way around your back, back up to the front. This will give you your bust.
  • Waist – When measuring your waist, you want to measure the smallest circumference. This is usually the area just above the belly button.
  • Hips – To measure your hips, you want to measure the widest part of your lower hip.
  • Arm length – If you are ordering custom sweaters or shirts, designers may request your arm length. To measure, bend your arm slightly and measure the length from your armpit to your wrist.
  • Cross Back – If a company requests your “cross back” measurements, this is the distance from shoulder to shoulder.
  • Armhole depth – This is the distance from the top outside edge of your armpit down to your shoulder.

See our sizing guide

Should you buy College Letter Apparel online or local in-store? 

It really depends on what you’re looking for. If want pre-designed clothes from the team itself, the best place to buy is probably in-store. You will find a variety of vendors at games that will have pre-made jerseys, shirts, hats, and other team apparel.

But if you want customized clothing, the best place to buy is online. First off, online shopping is far more convenient than in-store shopping because you can do it at anytime, and from anywhere. Not only that, but it’s more fun than in-store shopping. After all, could you wear your pajamas (or your birthday suit) to shop in store? Well, we guess you could, but the story might not end well! At home, you can shop in your own comfort – wearing whatever you want.

Not only that, but online has more selection. If you don’t fit into regular sizes, or you don’t want the usual fan gear, then you won’t be able to shop in a store. Online opens your world to new horizons, a world where you can customize your size, your shape, and your design! With online customized shopping, you don’t have to follow the trends – you can create your own!

Other benefits that come along with online shopping? Firstly, you get better deals. With more competition than ever before, online stores are consistently competing with one another for business. As such, you find better deals and sales. Not only that, but when you shop online you can compare prices with the click of a button. Don’t like the deal at one online shop? No problem just click over to the next to search for a better deal!

Secondly, you can avoid the crowds, as well as the pressure that comes along with in-store shopping. No line ups, no crowds, and no pushy sales agents! Now that’s something to smile about!

College team fan apparel is everywhere, and you could easily pick up a jersey at the next game. But why fit in with the crowd? Stand out with your own customized team fan apparel. Create your own design and ensure the perfect fit with customized apparel made just for you! You can still support your favorite college team, but you can do it while showing off your own personality! Start shopping online today to find the best deals and sales for customized apparel.

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