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Customized Apparel For Corporate Teams & Groups


A corporate team is defined by Google as a “group of people who work towards a common objective”. In other words, it is a group of people who are working towards a common goal. And in such groups or teams, it’s not uncommon to have a variety of different personalities. Different personalities each bring different things to a team. Cheerful personalities can bring positivism, and can uplift spirits. Inquisitive personalities can bring in new ways of thinking. Logical personalities can keep the team from straying too far off track. Laid back personalities can encourage the team to think outside the box. There are so many benefits to having an array of personalities on a team, and without them, teams would be boring. But while it’s important for teams to celebrate their differences, it’s also important for them to come together in cohesion. And one of the best ways to bring a corporate team or group together is with customized apparel.

What is Customized Apparel?

Customized apparel is exactly what you would think it would be – clothing that is customized to your liking. Apparel can be customized to different shapes, sizes, and preferences. You can add team colors, team logos, or even individual names. With customized apparel, the sky really is the limit.

What can you customize? As a general rule, if you can wear it on your body, it can be customized! Jackets and sweaters are probably the most common form of customized clothing, but there are many other options as well. T-shirts, tank tops, hats, hoodies, pullovers, scarves, sweatpants, uniforms, and turtlenecks can all be customized to a teams liking. Even baby clothes can be customized if someone on the team has a baby!

What should you put on your customized apparel? Again, this is really up to you (hence the term “customized”). You can make your team clothing as elaborate or simple as you want. With that being said, many teams like to add their team colors. If you don’t have a team color, perhaps it is something that you can discuss during your next team meeting. Is there a color that best represents your group? Or perhaps you will stick with the standard black and white? Does your group have a lot of personality? Maybe tie-dye or leopard print is the way to go. However you decide to color your clothing is completely up to you (and your team, of course).

In addition to choosing the color of your clothing, you will also want to choose what to put on it. Will you add a team logo? Do you want the team name included? Do you have a slogan or motto you want to add to your clothing? And will you add team members names? These are all things that you can discuss amongst yourselves until you have the perfect design in mind.


Who can wear customized apparel?

The best thing about customized apparel is that it can be made to fit anyone – there is no “one size fits all” solution. When you buy customized apparel, it’s not like walking into a store and not being able to fit into any of the clothes. Rather, you provide the measurements, and the store provides the proper fit. This means you can create customized apparel for every member of the team – short, tall, big, small, old, young – everyone can have their own!


Where can you wear customized apparel?

Anywhere! The best thing about customized apparel is that you and your team members can wear it anywhere. Of course, team outings, events, and meetings will be the most common place to wear your new swagger, but really, it can be worn anywhere at anytime. And the best part? When your team members wear customized apparel out on the town, it’s basically like free advertising. Customized apparel is quick to spark conversations, and these conversations will only lead to more discussion about your team and your team goals. In return, your customized apparel could easily lead to more group members in the future!


Why should you invest in Corporate Team/Group Apparel?

1) It creates a sense of unity

The whole idea of a team is to take the positive traits of each person, and use them to work together to reach a common goal. In order to do this, it is important for the team leader to create a sense of unity and oneness. There are many ways that you can do this, one of which is through corporate team/group apparel. When everyone in the group is wearing the same custom shirt, jacket, or uniform, it creates team spirit. Not only that, but it also signals to others outside of the group as to who is working together and what for.

2) It allows people to show support

Team and group apparel does’t just have to be for a team. It can also be for fans. Many sports fan wear shirts with their favorite team colors to show support during games. Similarly, many people will wear pink to show their support for breast cancer survivors. And the list goes on and on. By choosing a team logo and colours, it allows others who are fans of your group/team/goal to show their support too, by sporting clothing that is similar to that of the team.

3) It is motivating

Did you know that a sense of cohesion among a team is one of the leading motivators for members? When people feel that they are part of something important, they will be more committed to reaching a common goal. And when people feel more committed to reaching a goal, they will work harder to achieve it. Providing your teammates with custom apparel is like giving them a superhero cape. It makes them feel like part of a team, and reminds them that they are working towards something important. In return, they will be more motivated to achieve results, not only for themselves, but also for others on the team.

4) It promotes equality

The way that we dress often creates inequality. Whether we like to admit it or not, we are all quick to judge someone based on the way they dress. Many times these judgments are extremely inaccurate, but regardless, they still happen. And if you are judging the way your team members dress, then so are others within the community. Custom apparel helps to level the playing field and puts everyone in the same category when it comes to dressing – no more judgement based on what they are wearing.

How should you go about creating customized team apparel?

1) Think about it first. If you have decided that you want to invest in customized apparel for your team, you need to think about how you will present it to them. Will you surprise them with new apparel? Or will you discuss it with them first? There are benefits of both, but generally speaking, we always suggest having a team discussion first. Always remember, two heads are better than one. And a group of heads is better than two. The more people you have, the more input your receive, and the better designed your apparel will be. Not only that, but allowing your team members to have some say will make them feel more included within the team, and will make them be more likely to wear the apparel with pride.

2) Create your design. Here is the fun part! Creating your customized design is something that you should put thought into, and should not be a seat of the pants decisions. What type of clothing would you like to create? Do you want your own team hats? Maybe you prefer sweaters? If you live in colder weather, maybe a jacket would be your best option? There are dozens of different types of apparel to choose from based on the needs of your company or team.

Once you have decided which type of clothing you want, now it’s time to create your design. Do you have a team colour that you will use? Or do you prefer a pattern? Will you incorporate your team logo? Or maybe even a team motto? Will each piece be exactly the same, or will each team member have their own name sewn onto the shirt? These are all questions that you will need to consider before placing your order.

3) Get sized. Just as you have to be sized for regular clothing, each of your team members will need to be sized for their customized apparel. Depending on which type of apparel you choose, you may need to provide specific sizes. For other types of apparel, a simple small, medium, or large will do.

4) Place your order. Once you have decided on what you want your apparel to look like, now it’s time to find a store that can do it for you. The best option is to buy online to save time and money, usually about 30-40% off local stores.

So what are you waiting for? Start up a team discussion today!

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