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Custom Academic Award Apparel

Customized Academic Apparel

Custom Academic Award Apparel


When it comes to high school, it’s about a lot more than good grades. It’s also about fitting in and finding your place in the world. What do you love to do? What are you good at? What skills do you have that you may not even know about yet? Yes, some of these discoveries will simply come with age and maturity, but being part of a group, club, or sport can really help you to discover your strengths and weaknesses, and help push you forward in the quest to learning who you are and what you want to spend your life doing after high school.


What is the importance of school teams and clubs?


Customized School Apparel
  • Clubs help students make new friends

    When you join a club, you won’t just meet random new people – you’ll meet people who have the same interests as you. Enjoy chess? Join the chess team – everyone else on the team will enjoy it too! Love photography? Meet like-minded students in the photography club. Whatever your passion, others share it too – it may just be that you haven’t had the opportunity to meet them yet.

  • Clubs improve self-confidence

    Most clubs or teams work towards a goal. And when you complete that goal, you feel a sense of pride and accomplishment that can improve your self-confidence. Maybe you aren’t getting A’s in math, but as part of the band you can let your musical talents be seen. Maybe you aren’t excelling in English, but photography is your calling. Not every subject is for every person. Joining a team or club will help you to show off your skills, talents, and passions.

  • Clubs teach the art of teamwork

    Nothing in this world can be accomplished alone, and being part of a team or club teaches students the necessary tools to work collaboratively with others. Not only that, but it teaches students how to cheer each other on and be proud of one another, as opposed to being in constant competition.

  • Clubs help to relieve stress

    High school can be stressful. Classes, homework, peers – they can all play a role in everyday stresses for students. But clubs give students an outlet – a time to focus on something that they enjoy doing. In return, it can help them unwind, de-stress, and prepare for the next day with enthusiasm.

  • Clubs help to prepare students for the real world – Sure, math is helpful, and we all need to know how to add, but when are you ever actually going to use the Pythagorean Theorem? Clubs like photography, the debate team, the newspaper, and so on and so forth teach students everyday skills that they need to succeed in the real world – not just in the classroom.

Promoting Team Spiritcustomized-jackets

Being part of a team is an excellent thing for individual students, but we lest not forget that a team is made up of more than one. And in order to unite the team together, teachers and coaches need to promote a sense of team spirit. One of the best ways to do this is through team or club clothing.

What types of team clothing can you buy?

The truth is, the options for team clothing are endless. Team outfits, uniforms,  jackets, t-shirts, sweaters – they’re all great for unifying a team and creating a sense of team spirit. But how do you decide which to invest in? Just ask the team! Uniforms are great, and necessary for sports teams, but things like sweaters and jackets can help to build spirit among teams who don’t “need” an outfit. Teams like the chess team, the debate team, and other clubs within high school fall into this category of “not needing” outfits, but can definitely benefit from a team sweater or jacket. But if you’re not sure of the best option, just ask the team for input! The more input they have, the happier they will be with their newly custom made clothes.


Letterman Jackets and Sweaters

In terms of building team spirit, we always recommend letterman jackets and sweaters. Why? Team outfits are fantastic, and sometimes even necessary, but they can usually only be worn during a competition or practice. Sweaters and jackets, on the other hand, can be worn anywhere, at anytime. Students who are part of a team can sport their jacket or sweater in school, or out of school, and promote the team while they are doing it.


Benefits of team jackets and sweaters:

  • They promote team cohesion and team spirit
  • They are comfortable and can be worn anywhere
  • They make an excellent keepsake for anyone on the team!
  • They promote the team both in and out of school
  • They help students feel like they belong to something important
  • They can be used to sport letters that have been awarded to top achieving team members.

student-leaderSpeaking of letters, what are they?

Most members active in a high school sports team know exactly what letters are. But given that they have, up until recently, been given only in sports, a lot of academic team members may have never heard of a letter – until now. A “letter” is a patch that is awarded by the coach of a team to members who have made outstanding contributions to the goals of the team. These letters can be patched to sweaters and jackets, and often provide students with a sense of pride. They are basically a status sign that a student is on the top of their game in a particular sport or academic category. Should you earn a letter, this is something to be proud of.  See more examples of school letters.

But remember, you can’t get a letter without joining a team! So find your passion, meet new friends, and show off your talents as part of an academic team.

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