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High School Band Letter Jackets


Should I Do High School Band?

So you’re thinking about joining the high school band – should you or shouldn’t you? There are so many different groups that you could join in high school, why should you choose band? Let us start by saying that any team you join in high school is a good team. Whether you join the football team, the baseball team, the photography team, the cheerleading team, or track team, each holds their own benefits. And yes – band has many of them. From making new friends to rocking a band jacket, here are 10 reasons to join the high school band:

Reason #1: You will make new friends

High school isn’t all about getting good grades – a big portion of it is also about being social. Joining a team is an excellent way to meet new people and create everlasting friendships. And the best part? Joining the high school band broadens your social horizons and allows you to meet new people that you may not have interacted with otherwise. If you’re especially shy, joining the band can be a great way to meet like-minded friends.

Reason #2: You don’t really have to be skilled

One of the best things about band is that you don’t necessary have to be skilled. In some other high school teams, like football or basketball, you need to have a specific set of skills. If you can’t run, you can’t play football. If you’re not tall, basketball might not be your thing. But in band, if you aren’t good at one instrument, you can simply try another. The clarinet, the trumpet, the tuba, the saxophone, the drums, the French horn, the flute – the list goes on and on. If you aren’t skilled at playing one, you can keep trying until you find one you enjoy and can learn!

Reason #3: Music improves academic performance

Worried about your grades? Music could be exactly what you need to raise them up. According to research, music lessons can significantly enhance cognitive abilities. Not only can it help to improve concentration, but it can also improve language based reasoning, short term memory, planning, and inhibition – which can all help to improve your grades.

Reason #4: You Can Get A Band Jacket!

Letter Jackets are all the craze in high school. Letter Jackets are a sign of accomplishment and success, and if you do well in band, you can earn your own.

Reason #5: It creates a community

Joining the high school band allows you to be part of a team, but it also allows you to be part of a community. Your high school isn’t the only one with a band, and as you attend band related competitions, fundraisers, and events, you will also have the opportunity to meet other band members in the surrounding community. Again, this opens up the opportunity for friendships that might not have otherwise been.

Reason #6: Music is therapeutic

Music is an excellent emotional outlet. Every piece tells a story and has different meanings to different people. In fact, music therapy is often used as a type of alternative healing. Not only does it help us tap into our emotions, but it can also tap into our memories, and help to relax both our bodies and our breathing. It’s an excellent method of dealing with stress and anxiety.

Reason #7: Music stimulates your left brain

Your left brain is associated with things like creativity, counting, math, and multi-tasking. When you listen to or play music, this section of your brain is stimulated, and helps you to perform better in related tasks.

Reason #8: It stays with you forever

Music is like riding a bike – once you learn, you never forget. Once you learn to play an instrument, it’s a skill that you will take along with you throughout life. And whether you choose to work in a profession that includes music or not, the skill is always beneficial (and impressive) to have.

Reason #9: You make memories

A band jacket isn’t the only thing you can carry with you throughout life after joining band – you also take the memories. Throughout your time in band, you will make new friends, attend concerts and competitions, host fundraisers, attend events, and hold celebrations – each of which provides a unique opportunity to make unforgettable memories that you can take with you throughout life.

Reason #10 – You can finally learn what really happens at band camp!

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