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Playing High School Soccer

High School Soccer Should I PLay?


High School Soccer – to play or not to play? That is the question. And with so many different groups and teams to join in high school, it’s no surprise that you’re asking yourself this question. To be honest, any team or sport you join in high school will be beneficial to your both your social life and your future. But what are the benefits of joining a high school soccer team? Team jackets, a school letter, and the chance to join the varsity soccer team are all great reasons to sign up but let’s dive a little deeper. Here are 6 great reasons to consider joining your high school soccer team:

Social Life

We could sit here and tell you of all of the physical and future benefits that soccer holds (which we will), but let’s get real. While it’s extremely important that we set our futures up for ourselves in high school,  social life is everything (or so it seems). In high school, we all strive to be popular or, at the very least, create a strong social circle of friends. And soccer is a great way for us to do that. As a team sport, soccer requires each individual on the team to work together and support one another. In doing so, it doesn’t take long to create a close knit group of friends. These are friends that you can count on to stick by your side throughout high school, and many times, throughout life.

Health Benefits

Aside from the social benefits of playing soccer, there’s no doubt that sports are excellent for your health. Soccer involves a great deal of running, endurance, and strength, and is a great way to put in your daily exercise, while having fun at the same time. Research has shown that soccer can increase cardiovascular health, lower body fat, improve muscle tone, build flexibility and strength, increase bone strength, and improve overall health – benefits you won’t find in chess club.

Team Jackets and School Letters

If you are on the high school soccer team, you have the opportunity to earn a team jacket and school letter. These jackets are often symbols of achievement, and those who wear them are usually well recognized and admired by their peers. If you will, those wearing a team jacket are often seen as the “popular” kids in school. But not only will a jacket and letter get you recognition, it can also give you something to be proud of. Team jackets are not given, they are earned. So if you have earned yourself a jacket, then you can give yourself a pat on the back for all of your hard work. Maybe this will be the first step towards making the Varsity soccer team?

Work Ethic

 On the hottest days of summer, it can be extremely difficult to become motivated to run around for an hour on the field. But when you have a team to support, you do it anyways. The “I will work regardless of whether I feel like it or not” attitude is a strong one that will be beneficial to you not only in academic aspects of high school and college/university, but also as you enter into the career world.


Joining the high school soccer team is about so much more than just playing soccer. When you join a team, you also join a family, and in that family you have the opportunity to make many memories. Soccer isn’t just about kicking a ball around on the field, you also get to travel together, hold fundraisers together, and celebrate successes together! All of these things add up to memories that you can take with you for a lifetime!

Making the Varsity Soccer Team

If you join the high school soccer team in your first few years, later on down the road you have the chance of making the varsity soccer team. Aside from earning their team jackets and school letter, making the Varsity team is the goal of any high school athlete. Unfortunately, not everybody makes the cut. The varsity team is the highest level of accomplishment in high school sports, and only the most dedicated and highly skilled players will make it there. So how can you ensure you make the cut?

  • Give 100% of yourself to the team

 If you want to make the Varsity Soccer team, you’re going to have to put in 100% to everything that you do. This doesn’t meaning kicking the soccer ball around once or twice a week. It means that you practice, practice, and practice some more to develop the skill set that you need to become the best. Making yourself familiar with the game, and dedicating your whole heart to it will help you to succeed.

  • Keep yourself healthy

If you want to succeed in any sport, you’ll need to stay healthy. This means exercising regularly (even in the off seasons) and practicing healthy nutrition. The healthier you are, the better you will feel, and the more energy you will have to kick butt on the field.

  • Be a good team player

Being a good soccer player is more than just winning the game. Obviously, contributing to the win is important, but so is good sportsmanship. If you want to make the varsity soccer team, you need to be a well rounded player. Kick that winning goal, but give other players the chance to shine too.

  • Get involved

The more proactive you are, the more you will be noticed by the coaches. Need to raise money for a soccer tournament? Start a fundraiser. Want to boost team pride? Host a night out for the team. The more you can do to stand out, the more you will be noticed.

  • Stay positive

Coaches notice attitude. And because of this, it’s extremely important that you bring a positive attitude to each and every practice and game that you attend. Even when you make a mistake (which everyone does), remaining positive can show that you have the ability to cope with failure, and that it may even push you to thrive. Qualities like this are of utmost importance when coaches select the varsity team, so make sure you offer more than just your soccer skills.

There are so many reasons to join the high school soccer team – team jackets, school letter, friendships, and memories to last a lifetime. And if you dedicate yourself enough, you may even make the varsity soccer team, which will have immense benefits in your future college or university career.

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