Group Chenille Patches


23 Apr: High School Band Letter Jackets

So you’re thinking about joining the high school band – should you or shouldn’t you? There are so many different groups that you could join in high school, why should you choose band? Let us start by saying that any team you join in high school is a good team. Whether you join the football team, the baseball team, the photography team, the cheerleading team, or track team, each holds their own benefits…


30 Aug: Company Custom Varsity Jackets

A corporate team is defined by Google as a “group of people who work towards a common objective”. In other words, it is a group of people who are working towards a common goal. And in such groups or teams, it’s not uncommon to have a variety of different personalities. Different personalities each bring different things to a team. Cheerful personalities can bring positivism, and can uplift spirits. Inquisitive personalities can bring in new ways of thinking. Logical personalities can keep the team from straying too far off track…