High School Letterman


23 Apr: High School Band Letter Jackets

So you’re thinking about joining the high school band – should you or shouldn’t you? There are so many different groups that you could join in high school, why should you choose band? Let us start by saying that any team you join in high school is a good team. Whether you join the football team, the baseball team, the photography team, the cheerleading team, or track team, each holds their own benefits…


01 Sep: College Varsity Style Jackets

Have a favorite college team? Maybe it’s time to think about treating yourself to some college team fan apparel. If you have ever been to a major sporting event, you will see the seats filled with people wearing fan apparel. Dodger hats, Blue Jay shirts, Chicago bull jerseys – the list goes on and on. The point is, stadiums are full of people wearing gear that supports their favorite team. But many college league games are not much different. And if you are a fan, it’s time that you support your favorite team…