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Texas High School Letterman Football


The Texas High School Letterman Football Experience


Did you know that Texas is the high school football capital of the world?! That’s right – in the Lone Star State, high school football is more of a culture than it is a sport. In fact, on any given football night, you’re lucky if you see anyone strolling the streets of Texas towns – because they’re all at the high school football game! But what makes football so popular, what are the benefits of playing high school football, and what types of awards can you receive? Why don’t we find out! But before we do, why don’t we look at some fun facts surrounding Texas football?

In Texas, Jumbo-trons are not just for professional games – even high school football teams get them! • Alamo Stadium is one of the largest high school football stadiums in the world, and seats over 23 000 people. • Eagle Stadium in Texas cost over $60 million to build • In a small town known as Decatur, Halloween was moved up a day so that it didn’t interfere with the home team’s final game of the season • Many popular football TV shows and movies are based in Texas including Varsity Blues and Friday Night Lights!

So why is Football so popular in Texas?  It all comes down to passion!  In fact, while some people play sports to inherit scholarships or grants, this is rarely the case in Texas. People play because they love the sport, and the love of the sport is something that has been passed down for generations. Of course, a little competition never hurt anybody, and it certainly doesn’t hurt the football sport in the Lone State. In Texas, every high school football team has a fierce rival – and this, of course, only drives the passion more. The drive to win and to be part of the best team in the state is a huge goal for any football player. Why should you become involved in High School Football? There are so many benefits that come along with football, or any sport for that matter. Here are a few of them:

• Football boosts self-esteem

The high school years can be hard on a teenagers self-esteem, but when you learn to be confident on the field, you can also learn to be confident in real life. By setting goals for yourself, working towards them, and eventually achieving them on the field, you can vastly improve your self-esteem, and learn that anything in life truly is possible if you work hard enough.

• Football improves your health

There are few things in life that do the body better than exercise. And all you have to do is watch a football game to known that it is a fantastic workout. The physical activity required to play football and other high school sports can help you to manage your weight, combat disease, boost your energy, improve your sleep, and improve your mood (among many other health benefits).

• Football promotes teamwork and sportsmanship

Throughout life, you’re going to encounter times where you need to be able to work with others or on a team. The football field is a great place to learn how to do that. In football, you and your teammates become your own family and rely on each other for motivation and support. Not only that, but sports can teach you to respect others – even those on opposing team. In football, cheating, fighting, and gloating are not tolerated by coaches. Therefore, being part of a team, even if it is a losing team, can teach great life lessons.

• Football is a great way to make friends

Have a hard time fitting in and making friends? Joining a football team can solve that issue for you! It might take a few practices, but before you know it you will be sharing moments and making friends with everyone on your team.

• Football improves your chances of getting into college

Though being on a team won’t guarantee your spot in college or university, it can definitely up your chances of getting in. Universities and colleges look for students that are well-rounded, and sports are a great way to show that you are driven and that you work well with others. Not only that, but most high school sports coaches hold their players to high standards when it comes to grades. Don’t make the grade? You don’t get to play the game. This encourages football players to do their best both on the field and off.

What About The Awards?

One of the best parts of being part of a football team are the rewards that come along with it. Yes, all of the benefits listed above are fantastic awards, but let’s face it, we’re all waiting for the physical award that we can show off to our friends. The gold metal, the trophy, the letterman jacket. Wait, the letterman jacket? What’s the Letterman jacket?

A letterman jacket is a place for high school football or sports players to display their letters with pride. And for those who don’t know what a letter is, well, it’s a major accomplishment and something to be very proud of. When you accomplish success in a high school sport, you will be awarded a letter. This letter comes as a small patch, that you can display wherever you like. Some people put them on pillows or quilts, but most people display them on a letterman jacket. These are the “cool” jackets in school, and are a symbol of being the “cool” kid. Anyone who wears a letterman jacket is looked at with admiration and respect, and certainly won’t be overlooked by their peers.

But here’s the catch; in order to qualify for your own letter, you have to excel in a sport. And what better sport to show off your skills in Texas than football? Even if you don’t plan on going professional, it’s all about the fun and love of the game. So what are you waiting for?! If you haven’t tried out for the team, here’s the push you need!

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